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Client Number 9 ?

March 14, 2008


With all the publicity Eliott Spitzer, the disgraced Governor of New York is getting from this headline, I suppose a lot of people are wondering who were Clients 1-8?  The press is hard at work to be the first to publish the list. According to reports from the British press; The Duke of Westminster is Client #6.

Who is Client # 10? Answer: It’s not basketball legend Michael Jordan, according to Jordan’s attorney Frederick Sperling. In order to end rumors that unnamed Client No. 10, who requested an Emperors Club Girl for March 4 in Chicago, may have been Jordan, Sperling tells Chicago Sun-Times gossip reporter Michael Sneed: “I have just received confirmation from Assistant U.S. Attorney Rita Glavin in New York that our client Michael Jordan is neither a subject nor a target of this investigation.”

There must be a lot of nervous politicians and high profile celebrities wondering if they are going to be named as customers of the Emperors Club. Eliott Spitzer should have known better. He should have gone to Las Vegas instead of Washington D.C. for his fun, because what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!


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