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How I Work For You

March 10, 2008


I want to take a minute to clarify just how I work so that you have no misunderstandings about who I am and the kinds of services I provide. Most importantly, I want you to understand that when you are looking to buy a home, I will work for you as your Buyer’s Agent. I will not work for any developer or seller of any kind.    

I am sure you are aware, developers and sellers hire brokerage firms to market and sell their property.  These firms employ sales representatives whose responsibility and obligation it is to market and sell their property as quickly as possible and at the Highest Possible Price.   In contrast, I do not have any such responsibilities or obligations to any sellers. 

As an Exclusive Buyer’s Agent, I only represent you, the buyer.  It is my responsibility to meet all of ‘your’ goals.  In so doing, I will evaluate your individual needs and preferences.  I will conduct searches for you to locate the homes that are most likely to meet those needs.  I will schedule appointments for you with sellers/developers and their agents to view the homes and communities that you want to visit.  

Throughout our search I will help you evaluate both the pros and cons of each home we consider, including the value of the neighborhood or location of the home.  I will help you negotiate the best possible price and terms of your new home purchase and prepare the necessary sales documents. In short, I will be working for you and your interests throughout the home-buying process. So, how do I get compensated for my services?  The brokerage firm who represents the seller in the transaction compensates me. All of these brokerage firms agree to share a portion of the commission they receive from the sellers with other licensed real estate agents who will represent the buyer in the sale of the property. If that is not clear, let me know. The point is that you will not be paying for the services I provide you. 

However, I will ask you to compensate me in one small way.  I will ask you to recommend my services to all of the people you care about: your friends, family and associates.  Referrals from the people I have helped are the heart of my business. Please call me with any question you may have. I look forward to making your new home buying experience a rewarding one.


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