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Selling Your Home ?

March 6, 2008


Many sellers think that because they’ve lived in a home for so long, they know it best and are therefore the most qualified to sell it. However the truth is that it is the real estate agent that knows what the buyer is looking for. The seller’s favorite feature about the home may be something the buyer won’t even want. Letting the agent sell your home is always the best bet. This gives you the freedom to not even worry about the sale. It may even be best if you aren’t home for showings, or at least, stay out of the way when an agent is showing a potential buyer around.What you can do to help the sale is keep the house clean and tidy. In fact, in may be a good idea to get a jump on your packing, putting knickknacks and non-essential items in storage while your home is on the market. Even if you have a good storage room in the house, renting storage elsewhere is recommended. The storage space in the house may be a big selling feature, and if it’s full of boxes a buyer can’t see what it’s like.

 This is the same reason why I recommend packing up some of your extras. If shelves are covered with your stuff, and corners are packed with your furniture, a buyer has a hard time seeing the home itself. Instead what they see is your life, and they may have a hard time imagining their own life in the house. By emptying it of clutter, you help make your home a blank slate, something a buyer can imagine filling with their own possessions. This is crucial to a successful sale.Some other things you can do to increase the saleability of your home is to do any repairs that really stand out.

The front of the house is key. If the front door sticks and squeaks when it’s opened, that’s a bad first impression. Similarly if the paint on your home is peeling. Investing a bit of time and money into freshening up what is worn out is likely to pay off in the end, as your home will attract higher offers. Keep in mind that people often open cupboard and closet doors when looking around at a house they may buy. For this reason, it’s a good idea to keep these spaces clean and tidy, and also make sure they open and close easily.The bathroom is another key area. Make sure any mildew or bathtub build-up is completely eliminated. When you know the house will be shown, keep clean towels hung in a tidy fashion. If there are any burnt out light bulbs, replace them. Put in a new air-freshener. If the bathroom looks sharp, that’s a big point in your house’s favor. The kitchen is similar. Assuring your appliances are clean and sparkling, and your counters free of clutter will be another plus point. Since the smell of your home is another thing a buyer encounters as soon as they open the door, make sure it’s pleasant. Consider creating some fresh baking smells in the kitchen.

While cookies on a plate on the counter are certainly a nice offer, if you don’t have time to actually bake just put a few cinnamon sticks into a pot of water and leave it on a low heat setting. Alternatively, graham crackers lightly toasted in a pan in the over have a wonderful smell. If you aren’t going to be home, please don’t leave the stove on unattended. You could do this for a couple of hours before you leave and then turn it off. On the topic of smells and first impressions, having your carpets cleaned is always a good idea. Further, if you have pets, it might be wise to board them or send them to visit a friend while your house is being shown. Nothing is more of a turn-off to a non dog lover than your pet jumping on them, then following them around the house.By following these few tips, you are sure to have successful showings.

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  1. March 8, 2008 3:55 am

    Great tips on selling a house. A good clean and staging a home can make it look fresh and new. Fresh coat of paint and new plantings at the door is great also. Who doesn’t love fresh cookies!

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