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The Importance of Having Your Own Real Estate Agent

March 4, 2008

your own agent

The management at New Home Executives has represented home buyers and home sellers for over 35 years. We bring a wealth of knowledge and experience as well as extensive negotiating experience. We are well qualified to represent you and look out for Your Best Interests. 

We can you can save you Time and Money—specifically by :

1.Locating suitable properties
2. Previewing properties
3. Verifying the properties’ condition
4. Suggesting necessary inspections by experts
5. Helping you determine what you can afford
6. Verifying property taxes and utilities
7. Verifying the value of the property
8. Advising you on structuring an offer

 first time home buyer-.jpg

9. Presenting the offer to the sellers’ representative
10. Negotiating favorable contract terms for “you” the buyer
11. Explaining legal documents needed for closing and helping secure them
12. Assisting in securing financing
13. Assisting buyers and their attorney in clarifying title, zoning, building codes, and access easements
14. Referring you to qualified vendors
15. Analyzing the future salability of the property

As your Agent, our team of full time real estate professionals will be dedicated to helping you Buy or Sell your Real Estate at the best price and terms possible for YOU! When you work with the New Home Executives “team”, you get the benefit of our knowledge and skill in the areas of contract negotiations, financing, due diligence inspections and escrow closings. Having New Home Executives on your side will give you a sense of confidence and peace of mind. If your desire is a “Superior Customer Experience”  


If you have questions about this topic or any other real estate topic, send your question to:  

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