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Buyer’s Representative?

February 13, 2008

If you are in the market to purchase real estate, you should be seeking out the services of a Buyers Agent.  An Exclusive Buyers Agent title reflects that the Agent, the Broker, and the company work for and represents Buyers.  This means that their fiduciary duty in any real estate transaction is limited to you, the buyer. It’s the first and best step you can take!

What will it cost?  How does it work?

Obtaining the services of an Exclusive Buyers Agent provides you with representation – a market expert to share their knowledge and experience while working on your behalf, at no cost to you.In the business of real estate, the Selling Agent (meaning the one that brings the Buyer) is paid on what we refer to as a “standard co-broke”.  Whether you buy a new home or an existing (resale) property, in a typical real estate transaction the seller pays the commission and in that commission agreement is an allotment for a Buyers Agent or cooperating Agent. 

If you contact the Selling Agent and don’t utilize the services of a Buyers Agent, the Agent you contact is now working on behalf of the transaction between both parties.  This is what we refer to as a “transaction agent.”  In most cases, the total commission agreement is going to one party – the listing agent or office – so there is conflict of interest.At New Home Executives, we have no conflict of interest since we are paid the same amount whether you buy a new home or an existing property.  Because our fee is dictated by the Seller and does not fluctuate our objective is clear:  We take care of our clients.  We take care of you.

So what makes New Home Executives different?

The services that we provide to our clients are not limited to the new home market.  We have information on all homes currently available for sale.  Our experience in the area where you wish to find a home and the relationships we have built there with builders and developers benefit our clients.  We know what is happening now, and in most cases we can tell you about new developments, pricing, availability, builder reputations … the list goes on.

As members of the National Association of Realtors, the Illinois Association of Realtors, and through participation in our local Realtor Associations and the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) we adhere to the Realtor code of ethics and a higher standard of service. New Home Executives Buyers Agents are Market specialists.  We are able to identify those properties and neighborhoods that meet the needs of our clients.    We welcome your inquiry and thank you, in advance, for the opportunity to be of service!

If you have questions about this topic or any other real estate topic, send your question to:

new home executives

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