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Have You Seen The Pony Express?

February 1, 2008

Have You Seen The Pony Express Riders? The Hashknife Pony Express makes its ride every January traveling 200 miles from Holbrook to Scottsdale, Arizona, and delivering 20,000 first-class letters by horseback. The ride is led by the Navajo County Hashknife Sheriff’s Posse. More than two dozen riders in authentic cowboy clothing carry the mail, relaying the bags along the route. The arrival of the Hashknife Pony Express in Scottsdale kicks off the annual Parada del Sol. 

I had the opportunity to see the Hashknife riders make their mail delivery to the downtown Payson, Arizona post office yesterday afternoon. It was an awe inspiring event, especially for the young kids who anxiously waited, as the riders galloped on horse back into town. 

Neither rain, sleet, nor dark of night can stop the Hashknife Pony Express. Each January for the last 50 years, the old west is brought to life as an elite group of riders thunder through Arizona. I am proud to say that my son is one of the riders.  This exciting event is the oldest officially sanctioned Pony Express in the world. Each rider is sworn in as an honorary mail messenger braving weather, terrain, and modern-day obstacles to deliver the United States mail.

  Pony Express

Read all about the Hashknife Pony Express  


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  1. May 1, 2008 7:54 pm

    my hats off to the hashknife riders! I belong to the National Pony Express Association; we hold an annual re-ride over the original Pony Express Trail a distance of 1,966 miles from Sacramento CA to St Joseph MO. The following is some info off our web site:

    The National Pony Express Association will once again conduct a Re-Ride of the Pony Express Trail from St. Joseph, Missouri, to Sacramento, California, June 18 to 28, 2008.

    This re-ride will be a 10-day, 24-hour a day, non-stop event by over 500 riders and horses. The 1,966 mile route will be over the Pony Express National Historic Trail from California, through Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, Nebraska, Colorado, and Kansas to Missouri. It is the longest event held annually on a historical trail in the nation, even surpassing the famed Iditarod.

    The event commemorates the Pony Express of 1860-1861. The Central Overland and California Pikes Peak Express Company carried letters and telegrams for 19 months to prove the Central Route through Salt Lake passable year round. The owners hoped to win a federal mail contract on that route. Pony Express history is preserved in the federally designated Historic Trail, administered by the National Park Service, in museums, Pony Rider monuments, books, and the annual re-creations by the NPEA.

    Riders will carry Commemorative Letters in a Mochila, Pony Express style. The cachets, honoring Pony Express history, will be available for purchase by NPEA members, historians, and philatelists. The envelopes will show they were carried by the Pony Express and the first class postage will have a special US Postal service cancellation. Only the number of letters purchased will be carried.

    If your near one of these eight states keep an eye out for the “XP RIDER COMIN’ IN”
    Stephanie Veteran
    XP Rider

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